Crude Sunflower Oil 

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Crude Sunflower Oil

Crude sunflower oil. How is the price formed?


Crude sunflower oil

Specification DSTU (ISO) 4492:2005:


Color (Gardner), max                                             13

Acid Value,mg KOH/g, max                                     4,0

Mass content of phosphoric matters,%,max             0,60

Water and volatile matter, %, max                          0,20

Impurities %,max                                                  0,10

Peroxide value, 1/2  O mmol/kg, max                      7,0                                             

Sunflower oil is a food ingredient which is actively used in culinary. Thanks to oil, the product does not stick during frying, and salads acquire nice taste. Moreover, some fats contain sunflower oil in their composition, for example, margarine. It is also used for industrial purposes: this ingredient can be used in paints and lacquers production as well as in soap making. Among the varieties of oleic product, crude oil made of sunflower seeds is considered to be the most healthy.

This oil contains such necessary elements for human body as:

• sterols;

• tocopherols;

• phosphatides.

It has a pleasant flavor and taste. However, it is not recommended to store it for a long time, as this can lead to the buildup of bitter taste and turbidity. The oil also contains unsaturated fatty acids. It is subjected to one pressing method, filtering, which allows to save all the healthy and necessary substances. Depending on the pressing method, the product may contain essential trace nutrients that are necessary for health: vitamins A, B, D, E, and vitamin F which is an important element of the healthy state of fat metabolism. In the cosmetics industry, the sunflower oil is almost never used, but it can be found in popular traditional remedies and beauty recipes.