Unrefined cooking oil 1MT (Ukraine origin) View larger

Unrefined cooking oil 1MT (Ukraine origin)


Every cook definitely has a bottle of sunflower oil in the kitchen. This product is an integral ingredient of many dishes. It can be used for both frying and making salads. But at the same time, each type of this product has its unique qualities and taste. Unrefined sunflower cooking oil, which is made by hot pressing method, is best suited for salads as it is perfect as a dressing. It is not recommended to fry with it, because in the heating process the oil releases chemicals that are hazardous to health.

This crude edible oil is rich in such micro nutrients as:

• vitamins A, D, E;

• phospholipids;

• mono- and polyunsaturated acids.

Refined oil can be used for both salads and hot dishes. This fat product is extracted using the refining method, which results in significant reduction of the healthy nutrients compared to the unrefined sunflower oil.