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Crude edible oil 1MT (FCA price)


One of the most beneficial types of oils, which is used in culinary, is unrefined sunflower oil. It is extracted from sunflower seeds and is not treated with any chemicals during processing. The product is produced by the method of hot pressing. Sunflower seeds are placed under a special press, and, affected by temperature of no more than 110 degrees, seeds release crude sunflower oil. Thanks to this method, the final product keeps all the nutrients which are necessary and healthy for human body.

At the same time, unrefined crude edible sunflower oil may be refined, resulting in:

• improvement of quality and look of product;

• increasing of shelf life;

• use of the oil for both for frying and other cooking methods.

However, unrefined cooking sunflower oil product contains more healthy micronutrients.