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Refined sunflower oil 500ml

Ukrainian pure vegetable refined deodorized frozen sunflower cooking oil. Grade "P". NON-GMO. Very tight bottle. It is very convenient for logistics and overloads. Our bottles look very presentable on the supermarket shelf.

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The bleached frozen refined deodorized sunflower oil of the highest class. Multipurpose sunflower oil for cooking. Ideal for frying and for salad dressing. The vegetable oil has a pleasant neutral flavor. It is often used for home and in restaurants. For use in fast food and for long deep frying, we recommend high oleic oil

Country of origin: Ukraine. Region: Center, East

Net weight 0.5L bottles: 460g

Bottles in one box: 30pcs

Private label: available

Shelf life: 24 months

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Indicators of refined winterized sunflower oil (grade P) 

Indicator name

Value index in DSTU 4492 : 2005                            for   brand   «Р»  sunflower oil



Transparent without sediment


Taste and smell

Taste impersonal oil, odorless


Color  number, mg of iodine

To 10, (in fact 2.0)


ACID number, mg KOH/g

less than 0.25


Peroxide value  1/2 mmol/kg

Fresh work out-not more than 2.0

at the end of the storage period-not more than 10.0


Mass fraction of moisture and volatile substances,  %

not more than 0.1


Mass fraction of phosphorus    substance, %

lack of


Mass fraction non-fat mixtures, %

lack of


Soap, ppm                                 

lack of