I’ll be brief...

  • We are the manufacturer of vegetable oil. We are totally responsible for our quality.
  • We are open for our customer. The customer has to understand the establishment of prices, circumstantially about price formation of each vegetable oil type you could find in goods categories description.
  • We are the team of professionals. We don’t combine the production and distribution functions. That’s why we could be the best at each convenient stage.
  • The delivery is the responsibility of our specialists. To estimate the price of delivery you have to fill the form in section “delivery” You have an opportunity to visit our manufacturing. It’s very convenient option for your bulk buyers and intermediate sellers(they could invite their customers).
  • Payment conditions For our standing customer we are ready to consider the most convenient financial tools.
  • We are open for your offers. In case of new bargain, but it assumes a win-win spirit, you’re welcome !